This is for all supporters who couldn't be there to witness the tremendous skill, discipline and team spirit displayed by our boys.

The only all-male steel band in their category and, quite possibly, the only band that did not have their arrangement done by an adult by the definition used in the competition (25 and over).

They can hold their heads high in school today and we need to have a little thanksgiving gathering for them before we close for Carnival.

Steelpan at St Mary's keeps going from strength to strength.

Fete With The Saints, voted ‘The Fete of the Year’ in recent years, takes place on Saturday, February 9 at the picturesque St. Mary’s College Grounds, Serpentine Road, St. Clair, from 6pm to Midnight. As one of our loyal patrons, we are giving you an update before we are SOLD OUT!

This year the organising committee invites you to Submerge yourself in an oasis of gourmet dishes that include ribs, lamb racks, steaks, an assortment of seafood, Asian cuisine and Caribbean specialty meals, just to mention a few. On the liquid side of the oasis, there will be premium drinks including champagnes, fine wines, the best vodkas, gins, rums, whiskeys (single malt and scotch) and cocktails, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. Party to the music of the unbeatable combination of Machel and Kes and their full bands, along with world-famous DJs, Private Ryan and Nuphoric, as well as top guest artistes for the season. As usual we have a few surprises in stay tuned for more.

We are also adding another quality event to the calendar. After you Fete With The Saints on this the 17th anniversary of this much sought-after event that is held to raise funds for development programmes at St. Mary’s College, the party vibes continues, you can float in a sea of merriment and Journey to Atlantis at the inaugural edition of Cruise With The Saints. This new event takes place on Friday, February 15 from 8pm to 11pm aboard the Harbour Master, boarding time is 7pm. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on this special event.

Tickets for both events are available from the CIC Past Students’ office (624-8468) and the members of the Management Committee. The cost of tickets for Fete With The Saints is $1,000 and for Cruise With The Saints is $250