Meet the new 2019-2020 Management Committee

The AGM was held on June 25th 2019 with Scott Mc Sween joining the Committee while Anthony Rojas left.

At the first meeting of the Management Committee on July 8th, the following were elected:-

President - Brevard Nelson
VP Fund Raising - Joseph Hadad
VP Membership - Louis R. Ramdhanie
VP School & Student Affairs - Enrico Rajah
Honorary Treasurer - Matthew Leach
Honorary Secretary - Kevin Phillips
Communications Officer - Nicholas Huggins

Back Row: Corrie Gomez, Rudy Balwant (Teachers' Representative), Rodney Patterson, Matthew Leach (Treasurer), Kriss Marcus (Assistant Treasurer), Scott McSween (Assistant Secretary), Nestor Lambert
Front Row: Enrico Rajah (VP Student & School Affairs), Andre Earle, Brevard Nelson (President), Kevin Phillips (Secretary), Louis R. Ramdhanie (VP Membership)
Absent: Nicholas Huggins (Communications Officer), Joseph Hadad (VP Fund Raising), Roberto Ramirez

Upcoming Event

St. Mary’s College Annual 5k

Come join the St. Mary's Family at their annual 5K on November 16th 4pm

To register:

18 y.o. and Under - TT$80
Over 18 y.o. - TT$100
CIC students - TT$60

St. Mary's College Grounds,
Serpentine Road, St. Clair
Saturday November 16 2019 Run - 4:00 pm
CUSTOMISED Medals for all Finishers!

Promo codes:
Available at all the St. Mary's College Administraion Office, the Past Students Union Office and at St. Mary's College Grounds cafeteria.